This is the flag that Bobby had on his right shoulder that fateful day in 2007.

Bobby on a UH-60 during a USO tour.  

VFW Members; wanna B1?

"We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm."

- George Orwell

Looking for river rats.



Please welcome our Guest of Honor for the 12th Annual Freedom Fighters Open, "The Well-Done Comedian", Staff Sergeant, Retired,

Bobby Henline

The best way to the battlefield.

This wannabe is doing his duty.  He's a wannabe no more.

What the inside of a can of whoopass looks like.

SSG (Ret.) Bobby Henline spent 13 years in the Army and was deployed to combat four times  He was last deployed from Fort Bragg with the 82nd Airborne Division.  

7 April 2007 is a day he will never forget.  After the 3rd week of his 4th tour, the HMMWV he was in was blown up by an IED.  The other four paratroopers in the vehicle were killed.  

As Bobby stumbled out of the wreck fully ablaze, he was extinguished by the paratrooper he'd replaced that day.  His head was burned down to the skull, he had fractured bones in his face, his left hand was gone, and 40% of the rest of his body was burnt.  He was placed in a medically induced coma for two weeks and flown back to Walter Reed Hospital.  

​During his 6-month hospital stay, he maintained his positive attitude and boosted the morale of other soldiers by relying on his humor.  He would tell corny jokes, put nurses in headlocks and sing ditties over and over.  His occupational therapist was more than amused as were so many others.  She suggested that he try to do some stand up comedy.  He did and did it well.

Bobby now tours the country and the world making jokes at corporate events and USO tours.  In his heart he is still a paratrooper and he enjoys supporting military charities and boosting the morale of troops and veterans and civilians everywhere.  He also enjoys skydiving and shooting guns and drinking cold beverages in the company of veterans and warriors.

Please come out and meet "the only astronaut to set foot on the sun" and be prepared to laugh...A LOT.  

Servicemen and women have been working for over 240 years to provide us with the best society ever known to man.

Fellow Patriots,

This year will be the 12th year that the people of BridgeMill open their hearts and their athletic club to people that support veterans and present day warriors.  If history can be used to predict the future, it should be a great time for a great cause...again.

Proceeds will benefit Operation Santa, the signature charity and main effort of the GEN Raymond G. Davis (MOH) VFW Post 12002 out of North Fulton County, Georgia.  We have purchased Christmas gifts for thousands of children of Georgia-based troops deployed to the Global War on Terror over the past decade (798 in 2012, alone) as well as helping many of their families who have experienced financial difficulties during their deployments.  Come show these troops and their families that you support them and their mission.  Please join us for great golf, great fellowship, and a great time for a great cause.  We are anticipating shopping for approximately 600 kids this year and we need all the help we can get to meet these lofty goals.

OPSEC clearance to announce all of our beneficiaries for Operation Santa 2018 has not been granted, but rest assured that they will be similar to years past.  We are allowed to disclose that we will be buying Christmas gifts for the children of A-10 Warthog pilots and crew deployed to the front from Moody Air Force Base.  These are the men and women that take jihad to the enemy!  Some of these troops will be on their 18th and 19th deployments.  With your help, their kids and they are going to feel some gratitude from the private sector. 

These are some of the same units that we supported with previous Operation Santa missions.  Due to the deployment rotation schedules and the fact that this war is mostly a Special Operations fight, they will be gone, once again, protecting Christmas and Hanukkah from the scrooges that want celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah to be illegal (Sharia Law).  While most kids will be laying awake wondering if Santa will come and what he might bring, these troops' kids will be lying awake wondering if and praying that their parents are safe.  We will bring some Christmas joy to them and hopefully a litle bit of a distraction.   All the information you'll need is on the following pages.  If you have any unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime, day or night. 

Rangers Lead the Way!

Christian Stevens

Chairman, Operation Santa Committee

Chairman, VFW Legislative Committee from Georgia
All American Commander 2011-2013
North Fulton VFW Post 12002
(770) 331-6120

VFW Post 12002

When the front door is locked, improvise.

Knock, knock.  Are there any terrorists in here that would like to resist tonight?

100,000 tons of diplomacy.

Peace through superior firepower.

The only ones standing between us and the spread of Sharia Law.

Bobby and his service dog, Daisy.

Flying dirty.


YOU; Anybody and everybody that supports veterans and warriors, including non-golfers.


Golf tournament, scramble format, shotgun start.  There will be many other activities for non-golfers to enjoy including freefall demonstrations and helicopter rides.


9 NOV 2018 (the Friday before Veterans' Day) with a shotgun start at 1030hrs local.


BridgeMill Athletic Club
1190 Bridgemill Avenue
Canton, Georgia 30114, USA


For great fellowship with other vetrans and those that support them and to raise money for Operation Santa.

As events and activites are added, this website will be updated.

Check back for more information periodically.