• Ranger Kris "Tanto" Paronto will be our Guest of Honor.

       It will be up to him on wether or not he makes any speeches.   

  • Congressman Barry Loudermilk will attend. 
  • "Smokin Joe" Stringham will be in attendance, again.  He is a Ranger Hall of Fame inductee and was our Guest of Honor for the 6th Annual Freedom Fighters Open, but he had so much fun, he has decided to attend, again.  He was the 4th Commander of the 1st Ranger Battallion and the 75th Ranger Regiment.  He's a certified bad ass and was instrumental in the forming of the famed Delta Force.  He is a member of the leadership of the S.O.S. (Special Operations Speaks) Political Action Committee that is leading the demands for a full investigation into the 11 SEP 2010 terrorist attack in Benghazi.  He is an American hero and has killed despots on every continent except Antarctica.     
  • Wayne Kidd will be leading our Color Guard from the Johns Creek Veterans Association.  Wayne earned the Soldier's Medal and the Purple Heart when the UH-1 he was flying in was doing a recon for the Americal Division in Vietnam when it lost its tail rotor due to metal fatigue.  He was the only one not belted in and was ejected on impact.  When he came to, he ran into the burning bird twice to pull two burning soldiers to safety.  On his 3rd attempt, the helicopter exploded engulfing him and all the others in flames.  He was burned severely and was the lone survivor.  
  • Al Lipphardt will be in attendance. He is the next Commander of the Georgia Department of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  He was also a Rifle Platoon Leader in the 196th Light Infantry Battallion when his platoon found the VC dug in and well concealed on Hill 63 on Thanksgiving Day in 1967.  The first volley of enemy fire killed 8 of his men and left him and his platoon ripped apart and pinned down by an enemy force vastly superior in size.  They would be pinned down there for days before being rescued by then Company Commander CPT "Smokin' Joe" Stringham.  See above.


Check back later as we hear from more attendees.

  • Ron Dobbs will be flying his MH-6 into the Freedom Fighters Open for lifting free fallers and for giving rides to contributors.  
  • The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation will be flying a UH-1 into the golf tournament, as well.  
  • The Ranger Special Troops Battalion will have a static display of some of their weapons and kit for spectators to see, too.