ABOUT VFW Post 12002


VFW Post 12002 is not like most VFW Posts and neither are our members.  We are not a "Beer and Bingo" Post.  "Beer and Bingo" Posts are fine places to meet and associate with fellow veterans that have been deployed in defense of our great nation, but there is still much to be done.

To qualify to be a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, one has to have been deployed outside of our nation's borders in defense of our Republic and its Constitution.  If you qualify, we would love to have you. We are a growing post and we are growing because we continue to do good things and promote freedom at home and abroad.  We need you.  We need your help and we are here for you if you need us, always.

VFW Post 12002 consists of about 500 members.  Many of our membership is still on active duty and many are currently fighting to protect the freedoms of this nation by establishing and maintaining freedom in other nations.  If you are proud of your service (and you should be) and would like to associate with a Post that consists of members that share that pride and similar experiences, please contact any member at any time to join.   

The Junior Vice Commander of VFW Post 12002 is Christian O. Stevens and he can be reached at any time at the following POC's:



Cell: 770-331-61220




VFW Post 12002




VFW Post 12002 meets on the second Tuesday of the month every month at 1900hrs local.  The meeting concludes by 2100hrs.




VFW Post 12002 meets at the First Baptist Church of Alpharetta in Alpharetta, Georgia.  This is a venue were we can meet privately at no cost.  We meet in the fellowship hall and enter through he glass doors on the west side of the building.  Coffee is provided and we typically meet at a restaurant or pub nearby afterward for more fellowship after the business of the Post has been tended to. 


First baptist church of alpharetta

44 Academy Street

Alpharetta, Georgia 30009


Phone No.: (770) 891-9526
Or call: (770) 331-6120


The members of VFW Post 12002 gather to share fellowship and comradeship with other veterans who have experienced war and seen the costs of freedom and know what those who do not have it will do to get it.  The work we do is a perpetual effort to maintain the freedom and meet the burden incumbent upon us to ensure that the freedom we have fought for is there for our progeny to enjoy for centuries to come.

Operation Santa is our main effort.  Our goal in the effort is to ensure that today's warriors know that we can relate to and appreciate the sacrifices they are making to defend our freedoms.

We also conduct many other activities to impress upon our community and our follow-on generations our sense of duty to our freedom and our country.



Contact Information

If you'd like more information about Operation Santa, VFW Post 12002, or how to contribute or volunteer, please fill out the contact form below and somebody will get back to you very shortly. You can always contact Christian Stevens, the Junior Vice Commander at (770) 331-6120 or via e-mail at CStevens@FreedomFightersOpen.org.