Fellow Patriots,

Christian Stevens

​​All American Commander 2011-2013
VFW Post 12002
The General Raymond G. Davis (MOH) Post
North Fulton County, Georgia
(770) 331-6120

Thank you for your interest in our signature charity and the main effort of VFW Post 12002.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Operation Santa is a fully tax deductible, registered  501-c(3) veterans charity.  Operation Santa is operated by volunteers most of whom are members of VFW Post 12002; men and women that have at some point been deployed overseas in defense of our glorious nation and its Constitution. 

This is a true non-profit in the sense that no participant or officer is on any payroll.  Every dollar raised goes to helping Georgia based deployed troops and their families.  Some administrative costs (ie; shipping, supplies, some advertising, etc.) are incurred and paid with funds raised, but nobody gets paid.  Even the administrative costs are typically less than 5%.  

Operation Santa was conceived by members of VFW Post 12002 in the beginnings of the Global War on Terror (the GWoT).  Troops were getting deployed in high numbers and increased frequency as fighting ramped up in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other little known places where terrorists plan and launch their attacks from.  Our members wanted to do something.  We were all flag waving patriots and expressed our support of the troops whenever we could, but we wanted to do something more. 

Media support for the GWoT was already beginning to wane and, because most our membership consisted of Vietnam veterans who remembered what happened on the home front during that conflict, we wanted to do whatever we could to make certain that the GWoT was not lost on the home front in much the same way the Vietnam war was.  Not a single firefight was lost in Vietnam, but we lost the war because we lost the support for it and its warriors on the home front.

History does not repeat itself.  History is repeated by people that refuse to learn history's lessons. 

The membership of VFW Post 12002 consists of former warriors, all.  Just as no athlete enjoys watching the game from the sidelines, the warriors of VFW Post 12002 wish they could sling some hot lead toward the terrorists and their supporters, too, in hopes of introducing them to Allah.  In lieu of going to the battle front, we've decided to take up the battle on the home front.  Operation Santa is our main effort.  We are effective and we are winning!

Most of the funds raised through Operation Santa are spent purchasing Christmas Gifts for the children of Georgia-based deployed troops.  While they are away doing our bidding, we make the pain and sacrifice that the families left behind endure just a little bit more bearable.  Most importantly, we let those troops and their families know that we and the people and corporations that contribute to Operation Santa thank them, support them, and support their mission.  We like to say that we represent the silent majority. 

Since its inception, Operation Santa has raised and spent over $250,000.  We have touched the lives of over 4700 deployed troops and their families.  We have purchased and delivered truck loads of Christmas gifts and had to rent the trucks to do it.  We have paid to have troops' cars fixed.  We have paid grocery bills.  We have given out calling cards in the thousands.  We have bought and shipped gear for underfunded Marine Corps Reserve sniper units deployed to Afghanistan.  We have sent tools to Marine Corps Reserve units that didn't have the tools they needed to repair the HMMWV's they were issued upon arrival to Afghanistan.  We've purchased body armor.  We've paid late utility bills.  We've paid late rent and mortgage payments for troops' families whose incomes while deployed was much lower than their civilian jobs provided.  We've even supported going away and redeployment parties and sent thousands of cases of Girl Scout cookies to the front lines.  

With your support, these troops and their families will never sit and wonder if anybody knows what they are going through.  VFW members know firsthand.  These troops will never wonder or carry doubts that anybody appreciates their sacrifices or knows of the sacrifices they are making for our freedoms.  They will know.  Operation Santa is how we tell them.   

Operation Santa was given its name under the notion that for the deployed troops and the families that miss them, Christmas is whenever they get home.  Whatever day of the year it is, Christmas is the day that they get to hold their families in their arms again.  Christmas is when they get to know for sure that they are all safe and reunited. 

God help our enemies.  God bless our warriors.  As they fight for the freedoms that most of us take for granted, God speed to them.  May their aim be true.  May their bullets fly straight.  May their grenades and indirect fire be lethal and effective.  May God and the members of the VFW help them to carry the burdens of war.  May they never come home to anything less than a hero's welcome.  They are our heroes.  A'men.

Rangers Lead the Way!